What is your idea for Fake-News fighting tools on Libarea? Вопрос

jayabie jayabie 25 Ноября 2023 (ред)

Let's say i create a community using Libarea where people share news daily, what is your idea for a tool of function to fight the fake news though it?

Now twitter or X implemented a new feature where users can add context to links and tweets when needed.

Tell me your thoughts.

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  1. Fake news is divided into 2 categories:

    • deliberately false information;
    • information is inaccurate (not all facts are true, some are exaggerated).

    About the last point.

    What happens if you mix 1 kg. honey and 10 grams of manure?

    Answer: 1 kg. 10 grams of manure.


    Let's look specifically at 2 news:

    • I ran 10 km this morning;
    • I have 3 monitors on my desk.

    This is fake news:

    • I didn’t run at all today and don’t plan to. Resting. My whole body hurts.
    • I have not 3, but 2 monitors on my desk.

    Now tell me how interesting it will be for you to check the news. What methods exist to specifically check the 2 news about me above?

    I don't know.

    Фейковые новости делят на 2 категории:

    • заведомо ложная информация;
    • информация неточная (не все факты верные, некоторые преувеличены).

    Про последний пункт.

    Что будет если смешать 1 кг. меда и 10 грамм навозда?

    Ответ: 1 кг. 10 грамм навоза.


    Давайте посмотрим конкретно на 2 новости:

    • я сегодня утром пробежал 10 км;
    • у меня на столе стоит 3 монитора.

    Это ложные новости:

    • я вообще сегодня не бегал и не собираюсь. Отдыхаю.
    • у меня на столе не 3, а 2 монитора.

    Вот. А теперь скажите, как интересно вы будете проверять новости. Какие существуют методы, чтобы конкретно проверить 2 новости про меня выше?

    Я не знаю.

  1. I don't know if i was clear enough to explain my idea.
    so allow me please to make it more simple.
    how we can indicate that this article or this piece of news is fake or as you mentioned not accurate enough? i just need this, someone added a news and i want to tell the users that this news might be fake or has lack of credibility!

  1. Is there an option in Libarea that you can create an extra field when you post the news like «Source»

    Source: me and my head
    Source: https:some source url.

    There got to be.

  1. Or, you can create few more categories, such as: Real, fake, unknown source. And people will be posting in there depending where they got the news from.

    Or you can create a rule or «Banner» that will tell users to use «Source» when possible.

  1. Creating more categories for this is not an option for me.

  1. I would like to know how this is implemented on Twitter… How to distinguish truth from fiction? Perhaps we need to use AI. But AI created in the USA and in Russia will probably produce different conclusions. Who knows the absolute truth?
    Let's wait for a response from the engine author.

  1. Well, twitter is something else entirely, rather than news source. Twitter probably don't really care if the news are true or not, since it is not «News platform». But because they know allot of people use social platforms for their news updates, they have many many people that will moderate content if they have to. And they probably do and delete fake crap if they have to. They not only have «teams» they have departments dedicated specifically for that purpose. Taking twitter as an example is tough. They are in the whole other level.

    Huge P.S. Whose to say that what you see on the news channel is the truth? They been lying left and right from God knows when.
  1. In this case, it is important to understand what the main topic of the site is.
    If this is a news platform, then it should apparently be run by journalists, who should check the information and show videos and photos, in general, as is usually done.
    If this is a site of all other topics, then this rather concerns the rules of the site itself, where it is prohibited to state this as a policy topic, or a link to the source is indicated, etc.
    I think this approach to this issue is the simplest and most understandable.