Any plans to support Open Graph in Libarea? Вопрос

24 Мая

Open Graph is an internet protocol that was originally created by Facebook to standardize the use of metadata within a webpage to represent the content of a page.

This will help the users to embed posts from around the web and from social media within the textbox.

I just want to ask do you have any plans to support Open Graph in future releases?

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  1. Yes, it is planned. This is minimally supported right now. Let's add the address of this page and see:

    Да, это планируется. Минимально это поддерживается уже сейчас. Давайте добавим адрес этой страницы и посмотрим. Ссылка выше.

    Evg 24 Мая
  1. Dear @evg,

    Thanks for your reply, discourse is currently doing it successfully, this is giving it an advantage, if you can do this in libarea, the users will be more free with sharing things especially youtube videos and tiktok posts.

    jayabie 24 Мая
  1. Yes, it will be supported. Thank you. Evg 24 Мая