Reduce topic creation fields to few only

21 Мая (ред)

Is there any plans to reduce the Topic creation to few fields only?
the below is a screenshot from Lemmy these are the fields for creating community.

Reduce topic creation fields to few only

I belive less fields means better expriance.
the users should not take long time filling a lot of fields to create a topic.

  1. Evg Evg 22 Мая (ред.)

    Let's see what can be done to improve UX. It can always be improved, practically ad infinitum.

    However, keep in mind that the functionality of Topics in Lemmy differs significantly from the functionality of Topics in LibArea.

    In any case, we can improve this place. I will study it. Thank you.

    Давайте посмотрим, что можно сделать, как можно улучшить UX. Это можно всегда улучшать, практически до бесконечности. Однако, надо учитывать, что функционал Тем в Lemmy значительно отличается от функционала Тем в LibArea.

    В любом случае мы можем улучшить этот место. Изучу его. Спасибо.

  1. Sure, i understand the difference between Lemmy community and Topics on Libarea, but if you can reduce the number of fields this will encourage the users to create more and more topics easily.

  1. Today, tomorrow I will simplify it. Another post has been created: