What I hope to see in the next update ✅

18 Марта (ред)

I really hope to see a layout like this in the post card

Medium Post Card Libarea Post Card
Medium Post Card Libarea Post Card

It's not a matter Of copy but I think the layout For Libarea Should have thesame Alignment Across all post.

And if something Can be done to the comment section so as replies can be minimized That it shows only when it is clicked because The comment Now you have to scroll across All the comment And replies to get to the next on.

Just my suggestion since a recode is going On

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  1. I love to see AJAX comments, more improved admin panel.
    more improved notifications.

  1. I know the admin wants to keep the site minimal but there are somethings that we really can't avoid

  1. What can be said here? Medium, good design. But the photos on it are obligatory, they are in all posts, therefore it looks good and even. Photos are not required on LivArea.

    In any case, there is still much to be done. Thank you.

  1. Yes I know the photo is not required but it can still be done in a way that if the photo is not available there should be a general photo to fill it.
    Also can you add timezone to the site

  1. Look at the photo above. A specific example, we see 6 posts and only 1 has a photo. OK. Mentally add 5 photos there and imagine the layout. Photos that will be repeated from post to post. Perhaps this is not a very good idea.

  1. 😂 good point just don't forget about the layout

  1. LibArea design is more like vc.ru, dtf.ru

  1. This site are probably written in JS framework and the design are largely different

  1. Do you have any idea what script or CMS the ones you mentioned use?
    i like how they look.

  1. He is talking about vc.ru

  1. As always they repeat only the central page, and if you go to the post, then it's different there smile I'm talking about Medium clone design

  1. Sorry, i mean these vc.ru, dtf.ru .

  1. CMS этих сайтов not open-source.