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16 Марта

Will a custom css file override any css in the main site like layout?
When you post to a topic does it automatically match it with a sub topic or the admin attach them to the sub topic?

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  1. Файл custom.css подключается в файле build.css последним, значит он будет переопределять все файлы, чтоб были до него.

    The custom.css file is included last in the build.css file, which means it will override all files to come before it.

    // resources/views/default/css/build.css
    @import './components/components.css';
    @import './components/basic.css';
    // ........ etc.
    @import './components/media.css';
    @import './components/code.css';
    @import './components/catalog.css';
    @import './components/dark-theme.css';
    @import 'custom.css';

    Administrator staff substitutes Topics such that the question is more relevant to them. This is a constant work on quality sites, for example: Stack Overflow

    Evg 16 Марта (ред.)
  1. Does it work on shared host where I just upload the site files or I have to build the site with composer? Cipherchunk 16 Марта
  2. This is a css assembly that works on a regular site, there is a button - Collect in the admin panel. Evg 16 Марта
  3. Okay now I understand I'm just delaying in host my instance because I waiting for your next update on the site once its ready I will really have time to check it out I don't want to edit now and edit again later. Are there any cron job on the site? Cipherchunk 16 Марта
  4. Yes, it is. Evg 16 Марта
  5. How do we setup the cron jobs Cipherchunk 16 Марта