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jayabie jayabie 14 Апреля
Посоветуйте плагины что бы создать reddit на wordpress

Go with Libarea my friend.
this script has a bright future.

jayabie jayabie 8 Апреля
На чем сделан этот форум?

Looks like a custom script to me.

jayabie jayabie 9 Марта
ADD: Скрипт сообщества LibArea (0.6.2)

Any estimated timeline for improving the admin panel?

jayabie jayabie 2 Марта
Очередной DTF, VC на Alma

I might do that, i will contact them to see what they can provide.

jayabie jayabie 25 Февраля
Blueddit — дискуссионная платформа

Anyone installed it for test?

jayabie jayabie 25 Февраля
Очередной DTF, VC на Alma

I did test this script, its good.
but has to cons, 1 you can't share links like Libarea.
2 the post view is not that rich.
at the end i can say it well coded.

jayabie jayabie 20 Февраля
Сервер ActivityPub в одном файле PHP

This is some good idea.

jayabie jayabie 10 Февраля
Световые столбы в Нижнем Новгороде

Wow, this is awesome.
i always wish to witness such a phenomenon.

jayabie jayabie 31 Января
PHP HLEB Framework v2.0.0 (смотрю...)

Wow, good news.
in fact i'm the one behind this update 😂😂😂 its a joke.
2 days ago i was checking what is going with hleb update and today i see already updated.

Thanks @fomiash for your efforts.

jayabie jayabie 30 Января
How hleb is effecting the maintainability and security of Libarea?

Thanks for your efforts my friend. @fomiash
To be honest i don't know how the farmwork works anyway, but i can tell you am a big fan of @evg«s work, what he done here is an absolute perfect solution for people want to start a complete community.

i told Evg many times that this software has a bright future, and it will be very unfortunate if any of its parts abandoned at some point.