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jayabie jayabie 27 Мая
UX improvement suggest and General suggestion

I agree with @Cipherchunk on this as mentioned earlier.
also lets add the topic thumbnail selection at once so the full topic creation process happens in one page with no further steps.

jayabie jayabie 27 Мая
Allow the admins to set default language globally

This sounds good, but will make it easy more if we can get it as an option in the admin panel.

jayabie jayabie 24 Мая
Any plans to support Open Graph in Libarea?

Dear @evg,

Thanks for your reply, discourse is currently doing it successfully, this is giving it an advantage, if you can do this in libarea, the users will be more free with sharing things especially youtube videos and tiktok posts.

jayabie jayabie 22 Мая
Reduce topic creation fields to few only

Sure, i understand the difference between Lemmy community and Topics on Libarea, but if you can reduce the number of fields this will encourage the users to create more and more topics easily.

jayabie jayabie 19 Мая
How to hide topic creator from wiki page?

Any plans to make the admins able to unable and disable this from admin panel?
i make a community and i don't want the authors to show for the topics.
so i disable it from admin panel.

jayabie jayabie 16 Мая
Коммерческое использование

I'm not a legal person but these are simple standard terms of MIT.

Commercial use✔️
Private use✔️


License and copyright notice ❕

A legal advice from a specialist is always recommended.

jayabie jayabie 12 Мая
What happens when a user decides to delete the topic? all the posts will be deleted?

It will be any option to prevent the creators from deleting the topics they created? like a future plan?

jayabie jayabie 25 Апреля
DEV: Протестируем опрос прикрепленный к посту

The vorting is working fine now.
AJAX Left 😉

jayabie jayabie 16 Апреля
SForum — компонентная программа форумов

The Chinese are good in making Forums.
There are a lot of good forum softwares come from china.

jayabie jayabie 3 Апреля
Fresns – скрипт для социальной сети

I setup the script successfully but still suffering some issues in running the engine.
so, it's not completed yet, spoke to the publisher he will make a new release this week, so i will complete the setup.
once i do, i will test and write what i found.

jayabie jayabie 26 Марта
Machine Learning and AI

I see, sounds like a good thing to learn.

jayabie jayabie 26 Марта
Machine Learning and AI

What tools and languages you are using to build your AI?
Also do you need a high level of knowledge of programing languages?

jayabie jayabie 21 Марта
What I hope to see in the next update ✅

Sorry, i mean these vc.ru, dtf.ru .

jayabie jayabie 19 Марта
What I hope to see in the next update ✅

Do you have any idea what script or CMS the ones you mentioned use?
i like how they look.

jayabie jayabie 18 Марта
What I hope to see in the next update ✅

I love to see AJAX comments, more improved admin panel.
more improved notifications.

jayabie jayabie 16 Марта
DEV: Возможность изменять Email (некоторые планы)

Yes changing email address, i agree on this one.

jayabie jayabie 5 Марта
Feature Suggestions

Good Idea.

jayabie jayabie 23 Февраля
UNA — система управления сообществом

Open Source but i thing still paid not free.
If you don't pay you will not get the updates and get the core apps.

jayabie jayabie 25 Января
Hashnode — платформа для ведения блогов

Good But not open source i guess?
The style is very modern.
here in libarea as well, the style is modern which is something good.