My thoughts on Libarea

14 Марта

I have been here for a while now and I have picked much interest on this project and its development so I have some few things to say about this project.
for the few days I have been here now I have seen alot of development on the project and I commend the developers for that. I think this platform have more mobile users than PC users I know the project is still under development the mobile version still lack alot that need to be added like the details of a profile can only be seen when you switch to the desktop version and the editor in the mobile version doesn't have the option to switch it to fullscreen and I think it might be interesting to have that here on the mobile version I want to write another post about the possibility of implementing a WYSIWYG text editors because I feel its easier for writing and content more features than this because alot of people might not know how to write in markdown.
the upload image on my phone doesn't work the site didn't provide the permission to access my phone storage maybe its because I use chrome but it works fine on firefox general the site look more nice on firefox than chrome because today the projects are looking kind of disarray today the Profile Picture is covering the username I also hope you bring more details into the profile page like the users bio and all that

possibility of a general stat of a user like number of reads and just stats in general and also that WYSIWYG text editors

I know i talk too much let me stop now will come back with more observations hope the project steady progress

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  1. Thanks a lot. Most importantly, I hope that every day he becomes a little better than he was before. This is the most important thing, it means development is underway.

    Спасибо большое. Главное, надеюсь, что он становится каждый день, чуток лучше, чем был до этого. Это самое главное, значит развитие есть.


  1. Yeah I'm starting a community soon with your software hope to grow too